Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stay Taos Style - Rent and Adobe

Experience Taos Adobe Style
When visiting Taos there is no better way to have the "Taos Experience" by staying in an Adobe.
An adobe home is a house made from bricks of clay and straw. Building homes using adobe bricks is thought to date back to about 8300 BC.
The state of New Mexico contains about a third of all adobe homes in the United States.
Taos Pueblo dates back over 1000 years and approximately over 150 Pueblo Indians still live there today. The Pueblo is made entirely of adobe -- earth mixed with water and straw, then either poured into forms or made into sun-dried bricks. The walls are frequently several feet thick.
Rosslynn Reservations  has a variety of rentals available that are Adobe style You can even rent long term at reduced rates.
The beautiful thing, apart from the aesthetics of these buildings, is that in the heat of summer when temperatures can soar above 100 adobe structures stay cool in the day.

Rosslynn Reservations has been renting quality vacation homes for years. With personalised  one on one customer service we will guide you to the best accommodations for your stay.

We look forward to helping you plan an incredible trip to Taos this summer.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break availability in Taos

Rosslynn Reservations Spring Break availability.

Rosslynn Reservations in Taos are the leaders for Property Management and Vacation Rentals. With Spring Break just around the corner Rosslynn can offer you some charming vacation homes at unbelievable rates.
Where can you rent a studio in the heart of a historic district for $500 per week?
Spring in Taos is a wonderful time to visit. The snow is great and this year Taos Ski Valley has had a phenomenal season with regular snowfalls every week.
Not skiing? Why not visit the historic District of Taos or purchase a $25 Museum pass and get immersed in the history that has made Taos what it is today.
Or just relax - stroll the streets, sip a Margarita, take a balloon ride or experience the local flavors at a cultural New Mexican Restaurant.
Don’t forget to visit Ojo Caliente Natural mineral springs. Just 45 minutes’ drive and you are visiting one of the only Hot Springs in the world with this many varieties of mineral pools.

Book one of these wonderful vacation homes now for your Spring Break trip to Taos.

Juniper Sweet

The viga ceiling, nichos and kiva fireplace are true Taos style in this sweet Studio available for rent. Walking distance to the Taos Plaza.
Available for Spring Break! 3 night minimum.
Rates from $90 per night or a week for $500!

Call NOW to book - 1-800-764-3366

Chalet Rio

Just 3 miles to Taos Ski Valley.Come soak in the hot tub and listen to the magical, sweet song of the river cascading past your ears. Take a break and rejuvenate, in this sweet little cabin nestled in the trees along the Rio Hondo.
Wood burning stove, TV/VCR/direct satellite, CD player, washer/dryer, private phone, 6 person hot tub (outdoor deck, riverside!).
Spring Break availability.
Rates from just $250 per night.

Call NOW to book - 1-800-764-3366




Casa de Lee

A cozy mountain cabin sleeping up to 6 people. 700sq ft open plan cozy cabin.
Available for Spring Break!
Rates from $150 per night. 3 night minimum.
Call NOW to book - 1-800-764-3366

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pepe’s Place and the Rocket Dog

     Pepe’s Place is a beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath, adobe style rental home with amazing Taos mountain views, kiva fireplace and outdoor hot tub, with an impressive repeat customer base.  I feel so very fortunate to have this home in the RossLynn Reservations line-up to offer to my guests. It’s name was taken from a painting that the owners’ mother, Cherie, created and hung in the kitchen over the breakfast table area. The whole house sparkles with her colorful, original, fine art that has been called “entertainment for the mind and soul”; an absolutely perfect fit for a Taos home. 

       The first known appearance of Rocky, a friendly neighborhood dog, was a phone call to my office shortly after 4pm check- in time from a mystified yet amused guest. “Terry, we just finished unloading the car and there he was! This big, white dog just sitting on the couch! We don’t know where he came from or how he got in!” Well, over the next few weeks we started to put all the puzzle pieces of Rocky the magic dog (or “Rocket Dog, as we nick named him) together. It seems that Rocky had the good sniff-sense of when guests would arrive and take advantage of all the hub-bub and confusion of car unloading and the front door ajar to quickly move into couch position. We actually had to start forewarning unknowing guests of the loving, big, white furry, couch sitting visitor. 

     One day while getting the house ready for guests, I noticed one of Cherie’s paintings hanging on the master  bedroom wall that had a white dog in it; funny that I never noticed that before. Could it be that Nick’s family had known about Rocky’s appearances all along and never thought to mention it to me? When I asked Cherie she told me that many of the inspirations for her work came from dreams, and that was also true of this source of origin. After having lived in mystical, magical, mysterious Taos all these years, this kind of story was not unusual, but Cherie lived in River Grove, Illinois! 

    Well, years have passed and Rocket Dog is only a memory, a Taos story and a painting on a wall to many of the first guests that stayed at Pepe’s Place. Although , after writing this story last evening, I found myself dreaming of a litter of little white, fuzzy,  loving, puppies. Do you think that maybe??